What We do

Tax compliance

We can help you get your tax affairs in order and file your tax return with HMRC. We can also assist if you have undeclared income or gains from previous tax years.

Depending on your level of income and gains for crypto you may need to register for self-assessment with HMRC and complete a tax return. HMRC also requires you to record specific information about each crypto transaction.

You may not even have realised that you have triggered a tax liability in previous years. The sooner this is dealt with the better and we can help each step of the way to bring you fully up to date.

Tax Advice

We are a member of the CIOT and can provide tailored tax advice based on your individual circumstances.

You may have a tax liability from your crypto trading even if you haven’t “cashed out”. Exchanging crypto for crypto, giving crypto away, mining, receiving an airdrop or exchanging for fiat are all potentially taxable events. 

We can identify if your trading should be taxed as capital gains or income and whether any of it is tax free. We also advise on more complex crypto transactions such as margin trading, forks, loans and liquidity pools. 

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Tax planning

We can help you ensure your affairs are structured in the most tax efficient way, taking into account any other income and/or gains. We look at any planning measures that may assist in minimising liabilities in the future.

A few of the things we regularly consider for our clients are:-

  • If utilising a limited company would be possible and beneficial
  •  Whether all available tax free allowances are being maximised
  •  If tax liability could be reduced by pension or charitable contributions
  • The most beneficial way to utilise any capital losses (we have experienced ourselves that crypto can go down as well as up!)  

Crypto Tax Software: